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По умолчанию Enzo's Pinball, пинбол
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Enzo's Pinball
версия: 1.0

post-1167064-1302152234_thumb.jpg post-1167064-1302152241_thumb.jpg post-1167064-1302152247_thumb.jpg post-1167064-1302152303_thumb.jpg


Enzo’s Pinball is the world’s first virtual pinball game to include full-fledged tactile feedback, letting players literally feel the action on three unique tables as they flip their ball onto each ramp, bumper, and target.

The game features realistic pinball physics, complete with the ability to ‘tilt’ the table using the device’s accelerometer.

Feel the most authentic pinball experience available for a mobile device and compete against others for the highest score on the OpenFeint community!

• Three unique pinball tables to master, each with a variety of missions to undertake and achievements to unlock – more tables coming soon!
o Clockwork Table: avoid getting wound up by an intricate clockwork mechanism dating back to the 18th century and learn the secret of the clockwork pinball
o Steam-Powered Table: stay cool under pressure and navigate a high-voltage playing field to unlock the true nature of the steampunk pinball
o DJ Table: listen to the dark secrets of the record pinball
• Realistic pinball physics brought to life through high-quality haptic feedback, graphics, and sound
• Immersive touch-screen controls and accelerometer support that lets players ‘tilt’ the table, just like in the arcades
• OpenFeint integration with global Leaderboards and Achievements
• Support for Android tablets and enhanced gameplay experience on TouchSense-enabled devices

Your Uncle Enzo, the one your Dad absolutely won’t talk about, has recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Enzo only showed up to visit your family once-in-a-blue-moon and was always vague about where he had been and where he was going. Every time Enzo visited, he took you to a dive bar on the edge of town. Here you played pinball, lots of pinball, on every type of machine. Uncle Enzo was an awesome pinball player and he taught you many valuable skills, which you must now use to make your Uncle proud and discover the mystery behind Enzo’s disappearance.

Play the games. Win the games. Add your high-score to the Leaderboard and earn Achievements based on your success.

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enzo's pinball, для android os, игра, пинбол

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