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По умолчанию Hardwood Euchre 3D, Карты на THD
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Hardwood Euchre
версия: 1.0

post-1167064-1312006266_thumb.png post-1167064-1312006275_thumb.png


Hardwood Euchre offers a beautuiful way to play classic Euchre along with other more unique variants to keep things exciting. Not only can you play by yourself but you can play online with people from around the globe, 24hrs a day.
Why should you try out Hardwood Euchre?

Cool 3D effects This isn't boring Euchre, it's Euchre with some real kick! With cards that move and flip like the real deal.
Classic Euchre and more Try 7s Euchre to mix things up.
Buy only what you want with micro-transactions. The game is divided up into parts, you can just buy the parts you want and leave the parts you don't. We'll add more parts like decks, environments and Avatars you can pick up if you want.
Achievements. Euchre has various achievements you can earn. This adds a fun new way to play euchre.
Leaderboards. Hardwood Euchre has its own online leaderboard. See where you rank on the list. Its effortless, as each game is automatically recorded for you.
Data Ticker. Find out what's going on with your own ticker just like the news. We'll show you who in the community is earning cool achievements, or show you the leaderboard for the game your playing in a convenient ticker format.
Tablet Ready Hardwood Euchre works great with tablets (soon for Android), designed with touch in mind.

-Released By The Market Miltitia-



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hardwood euchre 3d, для android os, игра, карты на thd

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