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По умолчанию Kung Fu Panda Holiday, Красивый комикс для детей, которые изучают английский
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Kung Fu Panda Holiday
версия: 1.1

post-8655-1323598583_thumb.png post-8655-1323598590_thumb.png post-8655-1323598596_thumb.png post-8655-1323598603_thumb.png

Красивый комикс по мотивам мультика для детей, которые изучают английский
Нажмите здесь, чтобы увидить весь текст

Product Description
Colorful images from the movie
Young Po the Panda is very excited when Master Shifu chooses him to be the host of the Winter Feast--until he finds out that he can't bring his father along. What should Po do? Kids are sure to be entertained by the beautiful imagery and funny story of "Kung Fu Panda Holiday," an iStoryTime e-book based on the movie of the same name.

Family Values
Children and adults alike will relate to Po's situation as he deals with his dilemma. Po has always spent the holidays with his dad, but no outside guests are allowed at the Winter Festival. How Po handles this conflict contains a valuable lesson that kids can learn from.

From Movie to E-book
Word are highlighted as they are read
Anyone who enjoyed the "Kung Fu Panda" movies by DreamWorks Animation will be delighted that this e-book features ccicis,olorful stills straight from the film. It also contains dialogue from the movie's leading voices, kincluding Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, and Dustin Hoffman.

Reading Options
The app offers three ways for kids to enjoy the book. Confident readers can delve into the story themselves and change the scene with a single tap. Read to Me mode will read the story to the child but let them control the pace. In Auto Play mode, the app reads the story from start to finish--a great option for very young children.

Just like a sing-a-long song, the words in the story are highlighted as they are read, which helps children develop associations between written text, spoken dialogue, and visual images. Kids will be entertained as they improve their cognitive skills with this engaging app for Android.

дом.стр.:iStoryTime: Applications


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kung fu panda holiday, для android os, для детей, изучают английский, которые, красивый комикс

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